Are Fiverr gigs any good for SEO?


Having been involved in the SEO for many years now there was always one question stuck in the back of my mind that wouldn’t quite go away: ‘Do cheap SEO/internet marketing gigs work?’. When you see $5 gigs on sites such as Fiverr the first thing that comes into your head is ‘obviously that’s a load of rubbish!’…but is that actually the case? Well, I attempted to find out! For the sake of fairness and to remain as neutral as possible I will not be naming specific gigs in this article, but I will discuss what gig types I tried and what worked/didn’t work.

What didn’t work

  • GSA blasts and the like. Total tripe. Obviously it depends on where you’re sending the links to, but I tried firing GSA blasts (from several different sellers) at a wide array of URLs, sites, videos etc…and they had zero impact.
  • Access to millions of social media followers. Again, utter codswallop. Buying services from people who claim to the admin of a Facebook group with a million followers, or who have millions of twitter followers is tantamount to throwing money down a drain! I tried several services out, all of which claimed that my website would be presented to millions. How many clicks did I get from these so called ‘people’? None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Clearly a con!

What did work?

Surprisingly, cheap PBN posts actually had a positive impact on rankings. I had a page on an authority site that once ranked fairly well (20th for a 20,000 search per month term) but faded off into obscurity many moons ago. I decided to give it a blast with a service that offered 20 PBN links for just $5. I bought 6 of these. I then threw 250 web 2.0 links at the same page. The result (after a month or so) 98 to 18. Not bad for $35 I think! The ranking has settled there and I’ll need either a lot more of these or something more powerful to get it into the top ten, but I’m happy with what I’ve found and it just goes to show that if you search carefully you can actually find some decent gigs in Fiverr!

Thanks for reading!


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