How can you get auto likes on IG?

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 The best way to get auto likes on IG…

Getting likes in Instagram can be extremely difficult simply down to the fact there are so many people out there trying to achieve the same goal as you, i.e. increase user interaction and engagement. If you’re struggling getting IG likes then don’t worry, have the solution – they offer services that includes automatic likes on Instagram. Check them out at:

Stuck for idea on how to boost your Instagram like count? Read on…

1) Follow, follow, follow: This one is pretty simple and straightforward – follow more people! Use the explore feed to locate those in your industry who make interesting posts related to your niche or industry and engage with them. Follow them, likes their content, comment on it etc…and they will often often reciprocate and do the same back. Try to do this for at least two or three new accounts every day, but don’t be afraid of going higher. Increasing the number of people you follow will also make you look more credible, particularly if it is people within your given niche.

2) Consistency: This is something that doesn’t come into most people’s heads when they go about using their Instagram account, but it really can help to gain more likes, followers and exemplify a professional image. The way it works is extremely simple: by posting in a consistent manner you’ll be continuously engaging with your followers as well as gaining new followers, which helps you to solidify your existing fanbase as well as growing your page – ‘killing two birds with one stone’ you could say. If you go long periods without posting or do so in a haphazard fashion then you’ll experience the opposite and you’ll lose existing followers and reduce the number of new ones. Your engagement will decrease massively and the number of likes you get will go out of the window. Sticking to a regular posting pattern is what most ‘Instagrammers’ prefer.

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3) Peak times: Making a post when the lion share of your followers (and people in general) will be online will instantly result in more views and therefore more likes. Since Instagram changed its algorithm doing this will have a far greater impact than it previously would have done. Instagram’s algorithm used to be based on chronological order, however it is now (largely) based on interaction and engagement, so popular posts will often see a snowball effect if they get huge interaction at peak times. At the end of the day, the goal is to be seen by as many people as possible, so if you want to increase your chances of receiving a vast amount of likes then make sure you post your content at high-traffic times.

4) Ask a question: One tactic that is being used more and more nowadays it to ask a question, and with the sheer volume of engagement that this form of content tends to receive it is easy to see why so many Instagram users are utilising this method to gain more likes. Post a photo or image and then in the caption ask your followers a question. Get them thinking. Make them really want to answer. It’s the perfect way to increase engagement, get more comments and ultimately get more likes. Try to do this once per week – have a specific ‘question’ day, that way your followers will be aware of when it’s going to happen and will be on the lookout for it. People who use social media love to feel part of a family, so by allowing them to interact with you and their fellow followers you make them feel good, and they’ll then (subconsciously) associate that with your page. You could even combine ‘ask a question’ with a competition – the possibilities are endless. Be creative and get as many people involved as possible. You’ll see the number of likes you get go through the roof, I promise!