Where to Buy Instagram Likes?

How to get more Instagram likes (yes, you can buy them!)

If you’re just starting out on Instagram and are keen to boost your following rapidly then it could be tempting to buy Instagram likes. Whilst this is not inherently a bad idea (many accounts partake in this type of behaviour) it might be wise to consider some of the following tactics regardless of whether you purchase extra likes or not. It can be frustrating to see no end product from your Instagram activity. You might have amazing content, but if it’s not reaching the masses then your account simply won’t grow. The first rule (and one that should be at the forefront of your mind at all times) is that long-lasting engagement will typically lead to more likes and followers. But how can you do this? We’ve compiled a list of the best ways you can grow and expand your Instagram likes, followers and interaction, so if you’re a budding Instagramer, sit back, grab some popcorn and educate yourself on the best advice for Instagram success.

Hashtags: These are well proven to increase engagement and therefore likes and followers. Using such hashtags as #L4L, #tagforlikes and #followback can dramatically increase the amount of people who not only see your content but also like and follow it. Just remember to fulfil your side of the bargain and like/follow back! Using popular hashtags is also an excellent way to promote user engagement. Posting relevant content with relevant hashtags is a surefire way to draw new followers in.

The random effect: Being interactive goes without saying, but don’t just interact with those you know. Like everyone’s photos. Set an hour or so aside every day to go through Instagram liking random photos. This will often lead to those people you’ve liked liking your photos back. This has been proven to be a very effective tactic and if you spend enough time doing it then you’ll see your account grow like the proverbial weed.

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Social media love: Share your Instagram photos, videos and content on other forms of social media such Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and the like. You have to showcase your (cyber) wares to the world and with the billions of people that are active on all forms of social media you’d be mad not to utilise its power. Something which I highly advise is to create a brand, have a logo etc…as people love brands and if they like your content they’ll like and follow you on every form of social media.

Timing: Surprisingly, when you post actually has quite a large impact on the interaction and engagement you’ll receive from your content. A program studied over 60,000 posts posted at different times to analyse the amount of likes they got and it was found that 2am and 5pm (EST) were the best times to post for optimal engagement. On Mondays, however, there appears to be a surge in Instagram usage between 7pm and 10pm (people trying to counteract Monday blues I’d suspect!), so be sure to post content between those hours on a Monday for maximum likes.

Who are you?: Many users don’t complete or have a sparse profile and bio. Don’t let this be you. Include as much information about yourself in your bio as possible. If you don’t then you come across as spammy, which will decrease the possibility of receiving the likes that so you so desperately want!

So there you have it, just a few bits of advice that may help to grow your Instagram account and boost your user engagement and following. If you still want to buy Instagram likes (we don’t blame you for wanting to do so) then head over to: