Where can you Buy Youtube Views?

Should you buy YouTube views?

You’ve created (what you think is) the perfect video. Unique and intriguing content, an eye-catching title, a lengthy and informative description, all the relevant tags…yet nothing. A scant amount of views despite promoting it via other forms of social media. Why hasn’t it gone viral? What can you do to massively boost the views you get? One option is to buy Youtube views, which although is frowned upon by many, can actually be effective (if you want to know where you can buy views then head to the bottom of this article). But let’s discuss other methods through which you can get more views. If you combine these methods with bought views then you give yourself the best chance of having viral videos.

Annotations: These are a superb way to nudge your viewers into watching your other content, which will of course increase the total views that your channel receives – something that the Youtube algorithm takes into account when ranking both old and new videos. Through annotations you can link to other videos, so if you have another video in a similar niche then get promoting it via annotations!

Playlists: Many YouTubers don’t actually realise just how good playlists can be at increasing views. A playlist, if you didn’t know, is a list of videos that play in the order that you set – once one video ends another one will be queued and then automatically played. Making playlists of all your videos within certain niches is an excellent way to not only increase views, but also likes, subscribers and overall engagement.

Subscribers: It goes without saying that a surefire way to increase video views is to increase your fanbase through boosting your subscriber numbers. Subscribers, after all, are people who like your content and want to watch it, so the more you have the more views your videos will get. Simple. Obviously expanding your subscriber numbers is easier said than done, but by constantly producing unique and high quality content your subscriber number will naturally increase over time.

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Video responses: Posting video responses to other videos in your niche is an excellent way to promote your videos and garner more views. Try to set aside a small amount of time every day to post video responses to popular videos in your niche. It does’t take long to do and if you target the right niche, i.e. the one you’re content is based around, then you can expect extra views on your videos.

Topical content: Relevancy is always going to be a winner on YouTube and all forms of social media/networking. What is new? What has just happened? What is everyone talking about? Find out the answers to these questions and make videos about them. Even if it is not related to your niche it can be a wise idea to try new content, whether it’s about the latest news, a pop song, a sporting event….make a video and see what happens!

Now we’ve discussed some methods that can help to boost your Youtube views organically we can broach the subject of buying Youtube views. Can it be done? Yes. Is it effective? It can be. It’s not 100% guaranteed to work, but it can certainly propel your video to the top of the rankings if it is done correctly. A technique that seems to be working at the moment is leaving the video as unlisted, purchasing a few thousand views for it, then when the views have been delivered making it public again.

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