8 of the Coolest Websites you’ll ever visit…

We very much doubt you’ll find cooler websites than these!

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Boredom – ‘the state of feeling bored’. We’ve all been there. Whether you’re sat at your desk at work or twiddling your thumbs at home, you can be rest assured that unless you keep your mind active then the dreaded boredom will set in…so why not alleviate it by visiting cool websites on the net? Don’t bother with Facebook and other forms of social media – they won’t keep you entertained (if anything they’ll do the opposite!) – instead listen to our expert advice on the matter. With the sheer size of the World Wide Web nowadays, there must be at least some sites that can keep you entertained, right? Well, we’ve done some research and yes, there are plenty of entertaining and cool websites to help you pass the time and keep you occupied should you need it. Here is our top 8 list….

Eight of the coolest websites you can visit (in no particular order)

1. TED. This is a hub of forward thinking, bright ideas, innovation and knowledge. Folks from all facets of life share their lives, experience, know-how and sometimes even their secrets (!) during conferences that take place all around the world. In short, TED is cool and you will certainly learn a lot of stuff that may prove useful in your life (at some point!).

2. Oddee. This site is one for those who have a penchant for weird stuff. We’re not talking super-weird here, but things verging on the slightly to very odd side (hence the name!). There are a plethora of different sections that exemplify various ‘oddball’ photos, videos, artwork, signs, places and even advertisements.

3. Funny or Die. This is a seriously cool site. ‘What’s it about?’, I hear you cry from beyond your computer screen. The clue is in the title, my friend –  it’s comedy! In short, it’s basically an amalgamation of the most hilarious sketches, stand up comedians and basically anything that at some point someone has decided was funny. If you need cheering up then this is definitely one for you!

4. Reddit. You’ve heard of Reddit, right? It’s hard to actually describe Reddit other than saying it is people on the internet sharing things they find funny/interesting/cool/witty/educational etc…with the rest of the internet. If you’re ever bored have a trawl through – you never know what you might find on the internet’s ‘pot luck’ site.

5. Awkward Family Photos. This site gets me every time. I have no idea what it is about horrendous family portraits that makes them so funny, but they just are. This is certainly another site you must head on over to should you need a laugh and a giggle.

6. Incredible Things. The ‘sciencey’ ones amongst you will adore this site – it shows just how cool science can be. On here you can see crazy inventions, weird products that are actually available to buy, and wide array of things that will either make you chuckle or raise your eyebrows.

7. Bored Panda. Probably the most aptly-named site of the list, Bored Panda was specifically created to stop you from getting bored. Whatever your interests they will have a category to suit your tastes, but strangely enough I find myself exploring the whole site, which usually results in me discovering some really cool stuff.

8. The Useless Web. This is certainly one of my favourites. It delves into the most pointless and useless websites that people have had the misfortune of visiting. This site really will make you frown in amazement! It’s totally random too, which is pretty cool as you can just click a button and a new site will open up.

So there you have it guys, our list of the coolest websites you should visit if you ever find yourself at a loss. Hungry for more? Check our website: https://thebestsites.com