Looking for an UnGagged Discount Code?

When billion-dollar companies such as Yahoo, American Express and Bing are attendees at a conference then you know it’s something big, and you can be rest assured that there will be thousands of people wanting tickets and trawling the vast reaches of the world wide web for discount codes, coupons and special offers. The event I’m talking about is of course UnGagged (if you hadn’t already figured that out from the title then I’d suggest getting your eyes tested!), but what is it about UnGagged that makes such successful and globally eminent companies want to attend…?

The answer is pretty straightforward: when you are the best, you attract the best. I’m unsure if that’s an actual recognised adage (if it isn’t then I’m going to copyright it the instant I finish writing this article!), but it sums up perfectly what this SEO and Digital Marketing event is all about, i.e. the highest standards imaginable. The calibre of the guest speakers and experts is unparalleled and I can personally vouch for this having attended both this event and several others over the last couple of years. The reviews are plentiful and plastered all over SEO and internet marketing related forums and websites – you will not find a bad word said about it that’s for sure! But, it’s not just the excellence of the content that makes UnGagged head and shoulders above its competitors, it has several other strings to its magnificent bow.

  1. 100% exclusivity: If the rules were in image form then there would be an image of a camera with a big red cross through it. Yes, you guessed it, recording apparatus is completely prohibited throughout the entirety of the three-day event. No cameras. No phones. No nothing. Why is this beneficial? Simply because only attendees will ever know what is discussed. When you share extremely powerful nuggets of information with only a small number of people (and not a wider audience) you create a select group that are endowed with knowledge that will, without a shadow of a doubt, give them an advantage in business. Surely you want to be one of the ‘chosen few’? I know I do!
  2. UnGagged clearly disproves the stereotype that SEO and internet marketers (or anyone involved with computers) is a nerd who lives in his or her Mom’s basement. You’ll meet some seriously cool and fun people, plus you get free food and drink – what more could any aspiring SEOer want?!

This is how much fun it is. Here is a man dressed as a penguin. Genius.


What is UnGagged and who is it aimed at?

The blurb on the official UnGagged website will give you an in-depth rundown on which topics are covered each and every year. For the most part the subjects addressed are: Search Engine Optimisation, content marketing & management, social media usage & strategy, reputation management and all the various forms of internet marketing. As you can see every base is covered, so regardless of which area you work in there will be plenty of conferences for you to attend.

There appears to be a common misconception that this event is only aimed at those who are ‘high-flyer’s and have advanced skill levels in their respective fields, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! All are welcome. Whether you’re an absolute novice with only a basic knowledge of what SEO or you have your own company, everyone one is welcomed with open arms.

Interested? You’d better be! For those wanting a discount code (thank you for taking the time to read the article) – your gift is below. To get 15% OFF your ticket simply click the link below, sign up (for free) and Bob’s your uncle!