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The benefits of having a facial…

Tightening up of the skin: As we age our skin becomes loose and becomes far less defined than it was in our youth. The elasticity of the skin decreases which is caused by reduced collagen production and synthesis. Despite this, there are many things that can be done to slow down the ageing process (of the skin) and encourage a more youthful, tighter complexion. During a facial, creams, lotions and even chemical peels may be used, all of which can help to promote better, tighter skin. They contain a plethora ingredients including, but not limited to: vitamins, anti-oxidants, cell regulators, isoflavones and extracts, all of which can help to improve collagen synthesises and improve the elasticity of skin fibres. In addition to creams and lotions, many light based devices are currently used during facials and these have been show in studies to have the same effects. Radio-frequency treatments and infrared light treatments have both been shown to increase skin elasticity by as much as 80%. IPL and LED devices also have exemplary results where collagen produced and skin elasticity are concerned.

Hydration: Probably the most common skin related issue people suffer with is dry skin. This can be caused by dehydration or low sebum production – sometimes a combination of both. But there are other factors that can cause dry skin too – hot showers, harsh soaps or facial washes, detergents and of course medical conditions. To keep your skin healthy and hydrated it is imperative that you drink sufficient water each and every day and use a moisturiser cream on a daily basis also. Facials are another great way to keep your skin hydrated – and probably the best way too. Facials use chemical peels and a variety of creams and lotions, allow of which have been scientifically proven to increase water content within the skin, reduce the amount of water lost from the epidermis and decrease the secretion of sebum. Getting a facial is a superb way to ensure that your skin isn’t flaky and doesn’t dry out anywhere near as quickly as usual. Dry skin is more prone to ageing, so avoid dry skin is vital if you want to stay looking (as) young (as possible).

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Absorption: One advantage of facials that is very rarely discussed is the the fact that they increase absorption levels of the skin. How is this beneficial? Simply because it will allow the skin to absorb more of the beauty products applied to it – beauty products that contain ingredients that improve the condition of the skin both inside and out. In order for such products to work they have to be absorbed efficiently and effectively, however this can often be difficult as most of the time they will not be absorbed deep enough to have sufficient effects. Having a facial will help your facial skin to become much more absorbent by making it softer and less tough. One study carried out in relation to this showed that treatment with a hot steamed towel increased the absorption rate of a certain substance. Other studies have shown the same thing, i.e. that heat in the form of steam increases the absorption levels of skin. Having a facial encompassing these techniques will allow for greater results in the long run.

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits that facials offer, so if you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin then we definitely recommend having a facial one every month as this will allow you to look young for many years to come!

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