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How funny is Fortnite?

I have been asked this question so many times it feels like I should dedicate a whole article to it. Whilst I’m not actually going to do that, I will dedicate my opening gambit to do so! The game Fortnite offers up an abundance of features and action that will provide even the most hardcore of gamer endless hours of entertainment, however one area that often gets overlooked is just how funny Fortnite can be. In answer the above the question (you know, the one in really big writing above), Fortnite can be hilariously funny! I have not played it all that much (in comparison to some seasoned pros) but the number of rib-tickling moments that have occurred is countless; it really does through up a lot of hilarity! If you’re interested in the funny side of Fortnite then there’s only one place you should visit – and that’s the following subreddit, which was designed for the sole purpose of bringing Fortnite fans the funniest moments from Fortnite. You can check out the subreddit using the link below:

funny fortnite

Although I’d love to continue proselytising about how funny Fortnite is, I shall leave it to the subreddit linked above as they do it better than I ever could. Instead, I shall offer up some invaluable tips when playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Although there are hordes of gamers who are extremely experienced and know their way around Fortnite, there are also numerous gamers who are just starting out or who have little game time under their belts, so this is dedicated to them. This is not to say that seasoned ‘Fortniters’ won’t find this useful, but those that are newcomers may get more from it.

So here they are – our top tips for Fortnite Battle Royale:

1) Crouch: Unless you are running then you should stay in the crouched position for as long as you possibly can. Why? Several reasons. Firstly, you make less noise when crouched, therefore you reduce the chances of your enemies hearing and seeing you. Secondly, your weapons will have less recoil, which means you’ll be more accurate with them. And thirdly, you are smaller when crouched therefore this makes you harder to hit. When you add all of these elements together you can see just how important crouching is. If you’re not crouching then make sure that you’re running!

2) Upgrade: Although it may seem like a very obvious tip, you’d be surprised just how Fortnite gamers do not upgrade their weapons when it is available to them. Always upgrade to the highest rarity when you can as the higher the weapon rarity the more damage and less recoil a weapon will have. The result? More kills and a better chance of being the last man standing. Plus, blasting your enemies with highly powered weapons will certainly result in more funny Fortnite moments than lesser powered ones!

3) Be selective: When it comes to selecting which fights to engage in be very specific. Only engage if you absolutely have to or you’re very positive that you can get the kill swiftly and efficiently. Shooting from distance can be very difficult unless you have high powered weapons, so unless you’re packing one of these it is best not to take on targets from a distance (unless you want to alert them to your presence that is!). Granted, it can provide laughs and funny moments if you shoot at a target, miss and then run off, leaving your team mates to cop the flak, but you don’t want to be doing this too often otherwise you’ll find yourself short of friends!

For more about funny Fortnite please visit the link at the beginning of the article.

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