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Fusion SCM Training

If you’re looking for premium Fusion SCM training then you’re in luck – we have just the website for you. Before we divulge that golden nugget of information we’d like to introduce this article and briefly discuss what we’ll be touching upon in it. Those of you with a modicum of nous will have realised that, due the title of the piece being related to SCM training, that the proceeding text will contain information regarding supply chain management. But what specifically about this topic? Well, it is a rather large subject and we could probably discuss a myriad of individual areas within it, but we’ve decided to put forward what we feel are some of the main reasons why supply chain management is so important (and therefore why SCM training is also so imperative!).

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The Importance of Supply Chain Management

For a business to thrive and be successful their SCM must be top notch, but why is SCM so imperative? We explain below…

Customers: Without customers a business would be nothing. It wouldn’t exist. Having an efficient, effective and secure SCM system in place (such as Fusion) will provide a variety of benefits to customers. Customers have certain expectations, which include, but are not limited to: the right assortment of products (in addition to the right quantity); the right products being available at the specific location; the correct delivery time/time-frame; easy to use and efficient customer support. With the proper SCM system in place you can ensure that all of the expectations of the customer are at the very least met – and in some cases exceeded.

Financial position: Having a watertight SCM system in place will almost certainly enhance the financial standing of a business. Here are some reasons why this is:

– Profit leverage: The better the supply chain management is, the more money it will save throughout the supply chain. This, of course, will increase profits. Saving one percent (or even half a percent) can represent huge savings across an industry (potentially millions and millions of dollars).

– Fixed assets: A world-leading SCM system (such as fusion) will allow a decrease in the use of fixed assets (vehicles, warehouses etc.). Using such software will allow businesses to streamline operations (and save money) without fear of stifling growth and expansion prospects.

– Cash flow: Increasing the speed and efficiency of the supply chain results in the customer receiving their product(s) quicker, therefore businesses will be able to invoice customers earlier than before. This results in improved and increased cash flow, which is vital for every business.

– Cost of production: The manufacturers of products rely upon a supply chain that supplies the materials and parts they require on time. Having a poor SCM system in place can result in delays in shipping, which may financially impact manufacturers in a negative fashion as they may have to shutdown production.

– Overall expenditure: A systematic, well-structured and seamless system will reduce costs at every point of the supply chain, which will not only decrease costs, but also allow a business to be more competitive within their respective market(s).

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