GIF Booth Hire 101

For many years now photo booths have been a mainstay at weddings, parties and events across the country. This shouldn’t come as a shock – who doesn’t want to capture memories from their big day/event in a creative and hilarious fashion? There has, however, been a new trend that is growing rapidly, and is now being seen at weddings and events the UK over.

Introducing the GIF booth.

In today’s article we will look at several reasons why you should consider a GIF booth for your event.

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Six reasons why you need a GIF booth for your big event

1) Pure entertainment: There is absolutely no doubt that your guests will love a GIF booth. How often do you see people go into a GIF or photo booth (at a wedding, not to have their passport photo taken!) and come out with a gloomy face? Never! Everyone is smiling and fooling around creating amazing memories. We’ve heard so many positive stories about GIF booths – some couples have even told us that the booth was the highlight of their day. Yes, they really are that good.

2) Something for everyone: A GIF (or photo) booth is something that everyone can get involved with no matter how young or old they are. It really can bring all generations together and enable them to create memories that will last a lifetime. I recall one wedding where the kids loved the GIF booth too much that they tried to get into every single GIF and photo that was taken that day!

3) Old school: In the days before mobile phones with cameras the only way to get photos of you and your friends was to head into town and get into a Photo Booth. By having a photo or GIF booth at your wedding you will bring back the nostalgia of doing so to those that were adults before mobile phones were even a thing!

4) Something different: Photo booths are very common at weddings nowadays therefore everyone will be expecting to see one, however gif booths are relatively new to the scene and will certainly become a talking point when your guests realise just how amazing they are. Our experience of GIF booths has been 100% positive and we’ve seen so many glowing reviews that you’d be mad not to hire one for your big day.

5) Alternative guestbook: Even though guestbooks are still passed round at most weddings, photo and GIF booths are seen as the new alternative to guestbooks, a digital guestbook if you will. Think of it as a guestbook with photos. Messages are great, but the combination of photos with those messages is even better, don’t you agree? We sincerely think you will!

6) Create a theme: If you’re having a themed wedding or want a particular theme for the decor then a photo or GIF booth can really help with this. Not everyone will want to dress in regalia related to your theme (particularly those that are only attending the night do), therefore you can have the booth stocked with props and clothing from your chosen theme, allowing everyone to join in! It’s not only the booth and props that can be themed though, the photos can be too.

For more information about where you can hire a GIF booth in the UK please visit the link at the top of the page (you won’t regret it, trust us!).

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