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Getting more likes on Instagram can be an arduous task despite the fact that nearly three quarters of a billion people currently use the social media platform. As we know how troublesome it can be to increase your like count we’ve written this article to give you some actionable ideas and tactics to implement – all of which should assist you in increasing the number of likes you receive. If you’re impatient and don’t want to spend time and effort in doing the proceeding advice and instead want to buy likes then head over tho this website:

Instagram likes

1) Behind the scenes: People are curious, therefore they like to know what goes on behind the scenes, how things work, how things are made etc. You only have to see the ever increasing popularity of live streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch to see just how popular things like this are. By giving customers and/or followers an insight into your business then you will build rapport and strengthen the bond between them and you, which can only have positive effects in both the short and long run.

2) Show your progress: People like stories and going on journeys, so if you’re creating something (if you’re an artist for example) then take all of your followers (and potential followers) on the journey with you. Post regular updates regarding your work and give followers a sneak peek into your world and what you do. This is a nailed on way to increase the amount of like you receive.

3) Get your brand image out there: Don’t just rely on fancy logos and shots taken within the confines of your home or premises – get your brand out there! Take your product(s) that show your logo out and about and take photos then. If you can get yourself to famous landmarks, really interesting pieces of history or stunning countryside views then you are guaranteed to get more followers and likes without a shadow of a doubt. Always think outside of the box and try to be creative as possible. Too many people seem to do the same things over and over again on Instagram, so by being different you will stand out from the crowd.

4) Have competitions: Competitions are an extremely good way of getting more likes. Not only will your customers love the fact that they can get involved, they’ll also adore the fact that they can win something (who doesn’t love to win something?!). Creating a competition can be as simple as getting people to like a specific photo to enter, although you can also try competitions based around reposting, commenting, captions etc – anything to get your follower base interacting with you and your content.

5) Go live: Instagram has followed Facebook in creating its own live video platform. Using this is a superb way to engage and interact with you customers and followers. You can do Q&A’s, product demonstrations, behind the scenes videos or even just allow them into your life for a while! There are so many things that you could do with this platform so be creative and get your followers involved as this will certainly increase the number of like you receive.

As you can see there are numerous ways to get more likes, and there are literally dozens and dozens more ways you can do this. Remember to think outside of the box as well as using older more tried and tested tactics – a combination of the two is best. If you want to increase your like count but don’t want to have to do all the work then buying Instagram likes is one method that can be utilised. For more information see the website linked at the beginning of the article.