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How to remove a virus from your PC?

At some point in our lives we’ve all experienced malware on our respective computers. You know the symptoms – slower performance, crashing, pop ups and a plethora of other frustrating happenings that occur when using your PC. But what should you do if you experience such symptoms and believe there is a virus on your computer?  Whilst many people do have antivirus software installed on their computer nowadays, that doesn’t always work, and with the sheer number of viruses (and new viruses) that exists today it is not surprising that some fall through the net. In this article we look at what you can do if you think you may have a virus on your PC.

A word of warning though – do not attempt any of the following unless you are 100% comfortable doing so. If you are not confident using computers and require PC virus removal then we highly recommend you seek out a professional who can assist you. VirusRepairNow.com specialise in virus removal and can be found at:


pc viurs removal

1) Enter safe mode: The first you must do is disconnect your PC from the internet and leave the system turned off until you are ready to carry out a clean up on your computer. If you are worried that your PC has been infected then it is a wise decision to boot your PC in Safe Mode. Safe Mode runs only the essential programs needed for Windows to operate, which may stop any malware from working. If you have Windows 7 or 8 then starting your PC in this mode is very straightforward, however in Windows 10 it is more complicated. To do so, follow these instructions:

– Click the ’Start’ button and hover the cursor over the ‘Power’ button, but don’t click it.

– Hold down the shift key and click ‘Reboot’.

– A menu will then appear. From this menu select: Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Settings.

– On the next window click ‘Restart’ and proceed to wait for the next screen to appear.

– You will then see a menu. From this menu select option 4, which is Safe Mode.

When using your PC in Safe Mode it may become apparent that your system runs much faster than usual, which could either mean that your PC is infected with a virus/some form of malware, or that is simply needs a clean up.

2) Perform a disk clean up: Before you run any form of antivirus software it is imperative that you perform a disk clean up first. This will help to speed your system up, including any virus scans you proceed to do post-disk clean up. Making your system run as efficiently as possible is absolutely vital when running antivirus software as it tends to very thirsty and can drain your system resources heavily. In addition to this, it will help your system run a lot more smoothly as a whole – we all know how frustrating it can be trying to use a slow PC! Running a disk clean up can carried out very easily (far more easily then the lengthy process to run your PC in Safe Mode that’s for sure!). To do so simply search for ‘disk clean up’ in the search bar and the Disk Clean Up tool will appear.

If you do require PC virus removal then we highly recommend VirusRepairNow.com. They offer a ‘no fix, no pay’ guarantee and are specialists in remotely repairing PC’s, locating and removing viruses/other forms of malware and cleaning up your system to allow it to run more efficiently. For more information please visit their website – the link for which you can find at the top of this page.

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