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The “Hybrid-designed” Pluto Pillow…

Pillows are pillows, right? Wrong. Some pillows are way better than others, and some are even better that that. Introducing Pluto Pillow, the customisable “hybrid-designed” pillow that combines a supportive inner core with a plush outer pillow – is there any better combination? But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill pillows – these are designed and manufactured to your specifications and sleep profile. In short, you will not find a better pillow than a Pluto Pillow.

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Despite the fact that a typical human will spend 33% of their life in bed and asleep, most people don’t pay very much attention to their choice of pillow – even though it could massively impact upon how much sleep they do (or don’t) get, which will in turn impact upon the rest of their life (we all know how a poor night’s sleep can negatively affect us!). If you want to give yourself every chance of sleeping properly then choosing the right pillow is the first step. Doing this, however, can be a tad difficult as there are so many different pillow types out there that it can be confusing knowing which ones is best suited to you. If you find yourself in a bit of quandary then don’t despair, we’ve put together this article to answer the most common questions and provide you with some expert advice.

How do you sleep? This is the first question you must ask yourself. Your sleeping position will determine the thickness of pillow you will require to ensure the both your head and neck are adequately supported. If you sleep on your front/stomach then a softer pillow with a down or synthetic fill is the best choice; if you sleep on your back then opt for a medium thickness pillow that is either down or memory foam; if you sleep on your side then medium-firm type pillow will suit your best (any filling type is fine so long as it is medium-high fill); and lastly if you mix it up whilst your sleep then it is wise to go for the happy medium, i.e. a medium thickness pillow.

Do you have any allergies? Although feather down pillows are the most likely pillows to cause issues, most quality pillows are processed so that the allergy-causing particles are removed, in addition to hypoallergenic case being used to contain the fill. However, some people will still react to feather/down pillows regardless of this so it is always best to be safe than sorry. If you don’t suffer from allergies then any form of pillow will be fine, however if you do have allergies then it is wise to only use synthetic pillow fillings with a hypoallergenic pillow case.

What is your budget? As with most things in life you get what you pay for. Our first piece of advice is to avoid very low cost pillows as they will simply not last and you’ll spend even more money replacing them. On the flip side, don’t be fooled into think that very expensive pillows will be better – they usually aren’t much better than pillows half the price. If you’re looking to spend $40 or less then purchase a synthetic pillow from a recognised brand. If your budget is $40 – $80 then go for a high-end synthetic pillow, a high-end down pillow or a mid-range memory foam pillow. We recommend the Pluto Pillow.

Do you have any sleep related issues? It is possible to purchase pillows designed for specific aliments such as various pains, allergies and snoring, however if on a budget then it may not always be possible so simply purchase a pillow type that will alleviate any issues your suffer from.

The takeaway here is to spend time and as much money as you can afford on a quality pillow that is suited to your requirements as this will certainly improve your sleep. We suggest the Pluto Pillow as not only is it customisable, but it is also very affordable too.