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If you’re a fan of Pokémon and haven’t played Pokémon Emerald then you’re missing out! The games itself was released over ten years ago on the Game Boy Advanced, so unless you have one of those or are willing to buy one off eBay then you’re best off using a Pokémon Emerald ROM. How can you find one of these? Well, luckily for you we know just the website. Click on the link below to find out more about how to access the ROM and start playing Pokémon Emerald:


pokemon emerald ROM

Pokémon Emerald ROM 2018

If you’re currently playing Pokémon Emerald then here are a plethora of tips and tricks that we’ve compiled to help you have success when playing the game. Enjoy!

1) Pomeg Berry: In order for this glitch to be possible you must have a Pomeg Berry Pokemon who has not had their HP lowered. At that point, reduce a Pokémon’s HP to around 1 or 2, i.e. extremely low. Once you’ve done this use the Pomeg Berry on the Pokemon. By doing this you will cause a glitch in the game that causes the Pokemon’s HP to go backwards on the counter to 65,535, which is nearly 90 times higher than the maximum!

2) Levelling up unhatched Pokemon: To be able to access this glitch you must have already done the Pomeg Berry glitch (mentioned above). You can do by utilising a pomeg berry on a Pokémon, which will then increase its HP to 65,535. Make sure that the Pokémon egg is in the furthest left slot before doing so or it will not work. If the glitch is successful then you will then be able to use the Pokémon egg in battles like it was any other type of Pokémon. It will be able to level up by beating other Pokémon, it will be able to learn new moves, evolve and the like. The great thing about this glitch is the fact that you can change the Pokémon whilst it is inside the egg. It will enable your Pokémon to have be able to do things that it wouldn’t normally be able to do. For example, Pikachu will not know Thunder when it has hatched as a level 5 egg, however this glitch will allow thunder to be available.

3) Hatch eggs…Fast!: If you want to hatch eggs very quickly then you’ll need to find yourself a sandy slope. As soon as you try to ascend the slope you’ll find that you instantly fall down it and that it is impossible to climb. At this point, put something on the button/key that makes your character go up the slope. After about three hours of going up and down the slope, walk way from it and you’ll find that your egg will hatch fast. Although this is a time consuming tip, if you want an egg to hatch quickly but don’t have the time to play the game then you can utilise this glitch to good effect.

4) Want an easy catch?: Trying to catch a Pokémon in the wild can often be a tricky task. To make it easier always get one of your Pokémon to use a move such as Flash, Growl or Leer as this will weaken the Pokémon and make it far easier to catch. Attacking the Pokémon is another option, however if you defeat it you will not be able to catch it, so you’ll have to treat very carefully when doing this.

We hope you found these tips useful! Don’t forget, to download the best Pokémon Emerald ROM we highly recommend the website linked at the top of the page.

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