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Post-natal Massages (Singapore)

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Both pre-natal and post-natal care are absolutely essential for a woman’s health. Pre-natal massages are extremely popular and provide myriad of benefits for those that are pregnant, however post-natal massages don’t seem to be as popular. This is very surprising  as they are extremely beneficial to new mothers and assisting them in recovering both mentally and physically from the rigours and trauma of carrying a child around for nine months and then giving birth. In this piece we will look at several of the most important benefits that post-natal massages offer. The list isn’t all inclusive and there are more benefits than listed below, but this should give you a flavour of why post-natal massages are so important to new mothers.

Here are just a few benefits of post-natal massages….

Swelling: We all know that swelling during pregnancy can be pretty extreme, however, did you know that it can continue for several weeks after childbirth as well? Some new mothers may experience a large amount of swelling – possibly up to a 50% increase in fluid weight in the weeks post-childbirth. The solution? Diet is key, but massages are also an extremely valuable tool in the fight against swelling. Proper post-natal massage helps to induce correct and proper fluid retention within the body, in addition to improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system – both of which will speed up recovery by allowing more oxygen and nutrients into the areas that requires it, and by flushing out toxins and waste also.

Pre-pregnancy body:  If there’s one thing that women want after childbirth its their pre-pregnancy body back! There are of course many solutions for this – sadly, most of them revolve around surgery. This begs the question, ‘Are there any natural remedies for this?’. Yes! While none will compare to surgical procedures, they are less risky, less expensive and are 100% natural. Diet and exercise are very important (as is the case with any body transformation goals), however post-natal massages can really help in this are also. Kneading and stroking motions through stomach fat can actually reduce body fat, leading to a more trim and leaner physique. For best results it is best to combine this with a healthy nutrition and exercise regime.

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Breast feeding: Breast feeding is one of the most magical things a new mother can do, however unfortunately for some mothers it can be difficult and therefore frustrating. Post-natal massages can help alleviate breastfeeding issues via several mechanisms. Firstly, it will help to reduce tension and relax the muscles in both the shoulders and chest, which will in turn increase production of milk. In addition to this it will also help to increase the levels of the milk producing hormone – prolactin – within the body. The combination of these two effects should certainly help new mothers with breast-feeding.

C-section recovery & stretch marks: Most women will come out of childbirth with either stretch marks, excess skin or even scars from c-section surgery. If you find yourself in the unenviable position then post-natal massages are your best friend. Massaging scar tissue helps to improve circulation and improved circulation means that more nutrients and oxygen can reach the areas that are healing, the resulting in a quicker recovery. In addition to this, it will also help to keep the skin in the area soft and supple.

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