Prenatal Massage (Singapore)

Prenatal Massage

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Everything you need to know about Prenatal Massages…

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress levels and promote positivity and energy, so it is therefore not surprising that massages during pregnancy (often referred to as pre-natal massages) have been largely well received and are considered by many as a vital ingredient to prenatal care. Is there science to back this up? Yes, there is. Although there isn’t a huge amount of research into pre-natal massages, the limited studies that have been performed portray them in a positive light. Most massage institutions will teach their students how to perform massages on pregnant women, however it is certainly best to select a specialist pre-natal massage therapist.

What do studies say about pre-natal massage? Are they beneficial?

Studies show that pre-natal massages are able to decrease anxiety, reduce the symptoms of depression, alleviate muscle and joints aches and pains, improve the outcome of labour and even the health of newborns. There are several different types of massage, however we shall be focussing on Swedish massage for the time being. The aim of Swedish massage is reduce muscle tension, relax the muscles and improve circulation through mild pressure applied to the various muscle groups in the body. Swedish massage is often recommend during pregnancy for prenatal massage because it tackles many of the common issues associated with the physiological changes induced by pregnancy and the resultant hormone shifts.

Other studies have exemplified that hormones associated with both stress/anxiety and relaxation are changed when prenatal massages are introduced into a woman’s pre-natal care regime, which ultimately leads to an improvement of mood and even heart health. One study showed that women who received two massages per week for only five weeks had lower levels of stress hormones (cortisol and norepinephrine) and increased levels of dopamine and serotonin (having low amounts of these hormones is linked to low mood and depression).  In addition, these positive hormone changes also resulted in fewer complications during childbirth and less instances of low birth weight. As you can see, pre-natal massages have a myriad of benefits, but it doesn’t stop there.

prenatal massages

Swelling: Swelling of joints, also known as Edema, is typically induced by a decrease in circulation and increased pressure on major blood vessels by the uterus (which is far heavier than usual). Massage can help to stimulate soft tissue, which intern will decrease fluid retention within the joints themselves. In addition to this, massage can also aid in riding the body of waste (through the lymph system).

Nerve pain: The enlarged size of the uterus will increase tension on the muscles of the leg (both and upper and lower) due to the fact that uterus sits on the pelvic floor and lower back muscles. The pressure applied to the leg will increase swelling which will in turn increase pressure on nerves. Massage can be used to release tension near the muscles which will then ease the tension on the surrounding nerves. Anecdotal evidence has shown that women have had reduced sciatic pain when receiving pre-natal massages.

As well as the above, pre-natal massages may also: decrease back pain, reduce joint related pain, increase circulation around the body, reduce muscle tension, decrease the instances of headaches, reduce stress levels, improved oxygenation of  muscles and improve sleep.

As you can see from the above, pre-natal massages have multitude of positive effects that really can have a beneficial effect on the health of women who are pregnant.

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