PS4 Storage – Which are the best external hard drives?

Expanding you PS4 Storage? Here are the best external hard drives…

If you’re a PS4 gamer then you’ll probably be aware that games sizes over the last few years have increase rapidly – to the point where some games may even occupy a sixth of the entire storage of the PS4 (500GB model) after they have been downloaded and installed on the console. As you can see, it’d only take several games to fill the PS4 storage up – and that’s without any saved game data on there! Although it isn’t necessary for absolutely everyone to have external storage for their PS4, it is always nice to have extra space is required and ultimately it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do so. In today’s piece we will look at the top four external hard drives that we feel cover all budgets and requirements, so no matter what your situation is there will be a hard drive for you listed below.

SeaGate Expansion – This USB 3.0 drive is available in both 2TB and 4TB models, offering gamers plenty of storage space. It is very quick indeed, with a reading speed of nearly 130MB/s and a writing speed of nearly 128MB/s. These stats clearly show that it is a fantastic piece of kit, however it does not only perform well – it also looks the part too (I really love the diamond-effect matt black casing). In addition, it also feels very solid and sturdy, which makes it ideal for travelling. From viewing the aforementioned figures you’d probably expect the SeaGate Expansion to be expensive, but it’s actually a budget model believe it or not! It can be picked up for as little as $65 for the 2TB version and $99 for the 4TB version.

Samsung SSD T5 – SSD drives are renowned for being extremely fast and also extremely durable thanks to the fact that they have zero moving parts. Both of these apply to the Samsung T5 SSD of course, which make it a desirable option for those who prefer an SSD drive as storage for their PS4. The only drawbacks to this model are the price and the fact that it only comes in 500GB and 1TB models, so those who need larger expansion should look elsewhere. Prices for the 500GB model are around $170, whereas the larger 1TB model is double this at $350.

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Western Digital Passport (Ultra) – Western Digital’s external hard drives differ from other devices in that they come with automatic cloud back up (which is DropBox compatible). In our opinion this is a superb feature as it will save you the worries should your device break, malfunction or get stolen. Although it isn’t the fastest external hard drive, it certainly isn’t the slowest, and with storage of up to 4TB available it is certainly a very solid all-rounder with one outstanding feature. Prices start from $49.99 for the older models.

SeaGate Backup Plus (Ultra Slim) – In terms of looks this is my favourite external hard drive on the market today (it even outdoes the SeaGate Expansion). But it is not only good looking – it performs well also. Although it does not match up to the Expansion in terms of size (it is only available up to 2TB) it matches it in performance and is even more portable – probably the most portable hard drive on the market.

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