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How to grow your ‘Sphere of Influence’

You have a sphere of influence. Everyone has a sphere of influence. Friends, family, colleagues, gym buddies, basically anyone and everyone you know. These are people that you know and therefore you have some influence upon them. When it comes to real estate you must also have a sphere of influence. Granted, your SOI will start from humble beginnings, but over time it will grow and from that tiny acorn will grow a mighty oak. Here are our tips on how to grow your SOI and use it to your advantage. Enjoy!

1) Create one big list: Compiling a list of everyone you know might seem a daunting task, but it is one that needs to be done. When you start putting it together you’ll probably be surprised at just how many people you can add to it – pretty much everyone you know, including people like your doctor, your attorney, your golf friends….anyone who at some point may be useful in either buying, selling or advisory capacity. When making the list get it straight onto your computer. If you have access to basic database software like Outlook then by all means use that, however with the technology that exists today there are many easily accessible (and affordable) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software options available.

2) Stick to the basics: Don’t think that because you’ve compiled this huge new list that you’ll suddenly have to contact them all or use new methods to contact them. Many people do make the mistake of overthinking and having brand new letterheads and fancy envelopes printed, thinking that this is required for absolutely every contact – it isn’t. While it goes without saying that business related stationary should be used for B2B and corporate communication, for those that know you in an every day context then regular forms of communication all suffice – phone, email, sms text message, perhaps even fax.

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3) Categorising: To make our lists easier to navigate be sure to categorise your contacts into how to you know them. As your list grows and grows you’ll be thankful for this format of database as it’ll make your life much easier. Examples of categories would be: Family, Friends, vendors (which would include your doctor, attorney and other such contacts), buyers, sellers, investors, brokers etc. You can even split your buyer and seller categories into subcategories, i.e. those that have already purchased or sold a property with you and those that are potential buyers/sellers. It is all about efficiency and make in your life easier in the long run. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting time trying to locate a contact!

4) Tell the world: It’s ok to reach out and tell your contact list that you’ve started a new career in real estate. Write a script for each communication format (email, sms, letter) that includes a brief message to inform them of your career change, where you’re working and your contact details. Make it short, friendly and informative, and don’t be scared to do this as you may find your first clients this way.

5) Start adding to your list straight away: Get out there and start increasing the number of contact on your list. Talk to people, communicate, hand out business cards. Be friendly. The more people you communicate with the more potential clients you open yourself up to. More potential clients = more potential business.

If you’re looking to massively expand your SOI and grow your business then utilising an existing email list or database of realtors and real estate agents can be an extremely quick and cost efficient way of doing so. offers a huge and extremely detailed list of nearly 900,000 realtors and real estate professionals across the entire United States.

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