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There is absolutely no question that riddles, puzzles and brainteasers have intrigued human beings for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although the main reason for this is our inquisitive nature, many people are now doing them to stave off decline of brain function. Just like we keep our physical body fit to ensure that we stay healthy, keeping our brain functioning properly and to the best of its ability is also very important. There are many ways through which this can be done, however one of the most simplest ways is to do riddles and the like. They are extremely easily accessible through online websites, apps and even books, and can easily be completed in your spare time. Not only will they help to keep our brains active, they may also provide benefits in every day life by helping us to problem solve more effectively and efficiently.

What type of games can be played to do all the above? Riddles, sudoko, crosswords, brain teasers, chess and the like. The big question that many people ask is, ‘How can improve my success rate at solving riddles?’. There are numerous tips, tricks and techniques that can be used to achieve this and in this article we will delve into several of these – we hope you find these tips useful!

Websites: There are literally thousands of websites that offer riddles, puzzles and other brain teasers to users. Use these sites to practise solving riddles. The more you practise the more proficient and efficient you’ll become at solving them.

Discuss and share: Many sites have their own dedicated forum where users can sign up and discuss riddles they are currently tackling, riddles they are having issues with and anything else riddle related. It can be very beneficial to join one or more of these online communities as you’ll be able to learn from those that are better riddle solvers than you (for now!). Ask questions, interact, learn and most importantly – have fun!

Patience: Riddles can be extremely frustrating! The amount of times I’ve been pulling my hair out over riddles is bordering on the ridiculous, but patience and calmness is the key to solving them. No one – not even the best riddle solvers in the world – figure out the answers to every riddle they are tackle, so don’t be disheartened if you find yourself struggling.

Pen and paper: Always have a pen or pencil and a pad at hand. Writing things down will not only help you to remember things, it will also help you to see the bigger picture and consider things that using your brain alone wouldn’t do. Read, write, analyse. Remember to keep and open mind too as this is absolutely vital for solving riddles!

Patterns: Patterns are extremely common within riddles and puzzles, so noticing them is imperative if you want to become a pro riddle solver. It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll be able to learn this skill gradually over time.

Types of riddles: Before starting to try to solve the issue, know which type of riddle you’re tackling. The primary types are enigmas and conundrums, so knowing which you’re dealing with will help you to know which approach to take when attempting to solve it.

Multiple meanings: Words and sentences can have more than one meaning, and most riddles will try to trip you up using this to their advantage; be aware of this and be sure to run through every possible meaning before trying to go for the answer. Always use an analytical process to get to the answer.

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