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Where to watch movies online…?

When I was younger I loved nothing more than going to cinema – it was a treat, and one that I couldn’t get enough of. As I’ve got older however, the allure of the cinema has certainly worn off, and I 100% prefer to watch movies online. If you ask other people I’d wager that a high proportion will say the same thing, i.e. they love the convenience and comfort of watching movies in their own home, rather than going all the way to cinema to see a film. But it’s not only the effort required to go to the cinema, it’s also the cost, which has increased year upon year, and has resulted in many people being put off going. This is where sites where you can watch movies online enter the fray. The beauty of sites like this are the fact that you only require two things: a computer or laptop, and an internet connection – plus very little effort apart from clicking a few buttons. But which are the best sites for watching movies online?

Although there are many sites to watch free movies online, we’ve narrowed it down to the best four – the four that we think are the only ones you’ll ever need. These are genuine sites too; not ones that are filled with promise and hope, and then lead you down a path of despair and frustration, i.e. sites that only contain clips and trailers. These sites are 100% legal and 100% free. What more could any movie fan or film lover want?

Top rated: This site is by far and away the best movie site we’ve ever come across. If you want to watch movies online then you must visit them straight away at:

watch movies online free

2) Top Documentary Films: As you can probably figure out from the name, this website is dedicated to documentary based movies and shows. Being a huge fan of documentaries and non-fiction I particularly love this site as it can help me to get my weekly fix. There are many categories to choose from, including, but not limited to: History, Politics, Nature, Society, Technology and much, much more.

3) Classic Cinema Online: This one is for the true classic cinema buff. Although their library isn’t particular expansive, they still have numerous excellent movies to enjoy. In addition, they also have a a modest amount of free-to-view silent films, so if you’re a fan of those then you’ll definitely want to visit this site.

4) MovieZoot: Although this site has plenty of movie genres to enjoy, it does have more classics than other types, so those that love a good classic are in luck! Other genres include: comedy, horror, drama, action, Sci-Fi and Westerns. They also have a pretty cool search feature which allows you to search for specific actors or directors, which is great if you love a certain actor or director and want to see which other movies they have acted in or directed.

5) Internet Archive Movie Archive: The name archive twice in the title of this website is pretty apt, as it is, after all, an archive of where you can watch moves online. It lists all the movies that can be watched free online and where you can find them. I like to have websites such as this saved in my bookmarks just in case any of my ‘go to’ websites are down or offline. There’s nothing worse than finding that your favourite website for watching movies online is not available.

If you want to watch movies online now then we high recommend our top pick. To visit them now, click the link at the top of the page.

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